Thursday, 19 February 2015

Railway station etiquette

After being delayed by a couple holding hands and walking slowly in front of me at Liverpool Central, which caused me to miss the train again, I decided to write this.

1. If you intend to stand, stand to the right on the escalator. This allows people who are in more of a hurry to pass you on the left
2. If you are walking slowly, do not walk in double file. Walkways and escalators are often narrow and people need to catch their train or get out of the building. Have your offspring stand in front of you; not to the side
3. If someone asks to get past you, they are not being rude. They just have somewhere to be. The train guard isn't going to keep the doors open while they wander slowly behind you while you hold your partner's hand
4. Allow people to get off the train before you try to ram yourself in past people
5. A disabled space is for disabled people. It is not for your luggage or a pram. Be prepared to move either if a wheelchair user boards. Don't throw a hissy fit about it. This also applies to other forms of public transport including buses
6: If you violate any of these rules and someone barges past you after a polite request to stand aside, blame yourself.