Tuesday, 16 December 2014

UKIP logic

Today I found one UKIP council candidate making this claim on Twitter:
"...over 200 countries have immigration controls are they racist etc?"
The false premise this is based on is absolutely staggering and mind-boggling. The UK does still have immigration controls - for the vast majority of countries in the world, and even towards other EU member states (the UK is not a Schengen Area party). Entrants from the EU must prove their citizenship at the border, and must be economically active to remain (ie. they can be removed after a period of time if they fail to acquire a job or training).

The point I want to make by highlighting this is quite simple, really. How are we supposed to fight a party like UKIP when the very way they frame their arguments are so entrenched in misinformation and lies as this? If we are to defeat a group like UKIP, we must take control of the debate and stop retorting in their own framing of the issues.